Ruminagem @ Festival PAN, Poetry and Arts in Rural countryside, Morille (Salamanca), Spain

One more presentation for Ruminagem, this time in Spain, Morille, a small village near Salamanca, integrated in the Festival PAN, “Encuentro y Festival de Poesía y de las Artes en Medio Rural”.  The Festival consisted of 3 days celebration of poetry, arts and music, envolving the Morille population and artists from Portugal, Spain and France. The village landscape has several signs of other editions with public sculptures, a unique Art Graveyard, where sculptures and other art objects are burried, installations, performance events, photographic exhibitions, poetry recitals, books and music in every corner. The presentation/concert went very well, people of every age applaud, and tested the pieces in a very relaxed environment, asked questions about them, etc. One nice point, the national spanish television (TVE) was filming the event (and the festival). We enjoyed so much, and have to thank a few people: Miguel Rainha, for supporting and help the project to reach this goal, and “driving” in such a hot conditions, once more for Telma, our “godmother”, to Radovan, a incredible supporter of the project (that helped in the 2 last presentations), also Alegria for setting everything and no-stop energy, a big kiss, the directors of the Festival, the people and the Alcaide of Morille, for the nice welcome, food and hospitality. Thank you all.


Sobre refrain

musician and sound artist, active since 1990, special interests in field recording, soundscape composition, acousmatic music, electroacoustic improvisation, radio pieces and installation. Extensive list of audio CD releases, presented his work in Portugal, Spain, France, UK, Germany and Norway. Teaches digital audio manipulation in maxmsp software and sound art practices. site:
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